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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Know Better and Learn Faster*

*The newest Thao disc is really good. As a whole, I think better than the previous.

Continuing on. What I should be doing right now is looking up allocations or reading chapters about Immunology, Vaccinations, & all that fun stuff. Instead, I'm Facebook-stalking guys I've had at least one date with since becoming single, attempting to conjure at least one redeeming quality about each one of them. It's kind of hard.

Professor: Great knowledge of art. (if he wasn't "humbly bragging" about one thing, it was another & made some pretty uncomfortable promises & plans early on: WARNING. also, sent me an email about 3 weeks after meeting explaining that he met this really swell girl named J & hopes we can still be this point, I'd been uninterested for about a week & a half for several reasons, the main being that he a couple times pumped me with alcohol, another warning sign that I do not take lightly...also turns out that he's that guy who went on 18 dates in 25 days or something & was not yet divorced...other than that, he was a good person to be friends with)

Mono: He had good taste in wine. (remember, the dude who wanted to have a talk about not wanting a relationship but that we would stay monogamous less than 6 weeks after meeting)

25YO: Ridiculously good-looking. (again, 6 weeks in he wanted to have a talk at which point I looked him right in the face & said "is this a joke? I ASKED you not to come over tonight, I was at the ballet studio for 3 hours, over one of which was pulled me out of a bath with no dinner to talk with me about something that I flat out said was pointless to talk about?"....I'm an idiot & continued to have little dates with him & actually went along with being his friend for a couple months afterwards, at which point it was so incredibly clear how much of an idiot the kid was that he was no longer worth looking at)

Dorchester: Ridiculously good-looking. (this one was a legit friend dating thing, no funny business, honestly, the kid is really, really sweet, just totally fucked in the head after years of being abused & washing it down with copious amounts of booze (we're not talking a bottle of wine/night here)....which is probably why after talking with him for 5 minutes I felt more maternal towards him than anything else & Oedipal I am not, that's gross)

Underware: Originally bonded over love of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia & how hilarious Day/Night Man is. (see post from 5.12.09 & 8.1.09: no more needs to be said about that)

Surgeon-turned-Neglige: Treated me really well, at first. (see post from 10.13.09: again, no more elaboration necessary)

Triathlete: Really great body. (Quickly realized that you can learn a lot from a Facebook profile. He has 14 profile pictures in which he isn't wearing a shirt...and not like he was hanging out with a bunch of people on a beach, more like him shirtless doing a push-up with his niece & nephew on his back or him shirtless holding a bulldog staring off into space: it was weird. Soon there-after also realized that he only did & would think about himself since he first, didn't take me on a date to somewhere that I would like & second, stopped by my back porch twice while I was in Seattle & I found out because he texted me "you're not reading on your back porch, I stopped by" & "was at your back porch, you're not here"....No shit, dude, get a clue)

So here we are, a yearish later. Why write this out? To remind myself not to keep making the same mistakes because despite relief at the end, egos get bruised & when it comes right down to it I need to take care of me first.

Waiter (I'm trying to use real names until it's shat the bed because someone kind of alluded that the nicknames could be construed as Samantha Jonesish & offensive) asked me out on Sunday night. Specifically for an exhibit at the ICA for Thursday night. That's tonight. No call, nothin'. Ain't no thang. I'll just go to ballet or maybe call Neighbor Jesse to see if she'd like to go for a really long walk tonight. It's disappointing a little bit but at least I'm finding these things out now. Even before going out on a date, no less. Oh well. I can get the attention from Cos tonight at class. Gotta love a ballet teacher who cares about his students' self esteem.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

(damn wordpress if you get this twice)

I always find a night with friends or self-spoiling tend to always help me -even if just a bit.

Also, wine night and laughing always feels great.

2:25 PM

Blogger emertron said...

Yeah, it's like 70 degrees out here & I'm thinking that a really long walk & a bottle of wine are in store for me instead of ballet. Gettin' on the phone now to book one of my girlfriends.

2:44 PM

Blogger emertron said...

Woah. This just in:

W: Are you still on for tonight?
Me: Uh, sure.

So I'm gonna go. Because I look way too good today to waste this hotness (cute dress, high heels, hair in a big bun).

And he's back to David.

4:19 PM


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