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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ridiculous Complaints

This daylight savings deal is killing me. Gone are the summer nights of unlimited energy. Honestly, right now I could curl up under my desk & take a nap. Or even put my chin in my hands & drift off into a 2 minute slumber. Which is annoying because Tuesday's Exam #2 & goal is to work & get in a little studying between tasks.

No luck! Studying would definitely knock me out right now.

And lately I've just felt so lazy. Cleaning? Completely unmotivated & the floors are still in desperate need of sweeping & mopping. Folding laundry? Replaced by picking underpants out of a clean clothes basket in my room.

Maybe I have mono.

And I've even tried to thwart this by packing running stuff for today. But guess what....I left my glasses at home so it feels like someone is hammering my eyes into my head. Running with a headache is the worst.


So instead I'll just feel like a fatty (last night was super-indulgent dinner of lobster bisque & hash browns at Oceanaire.....GO THERE IT IS DELICIOUS) & actually put my clothes away, sweep the floors & do some mopping before meeting up with a friend. Or maybe just take a nap.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's so this damn time change. I have been overly tired too lately and it's because of the time change. It's screwing everything up.

1:06 AM

Blogger emertron said...

Ruining my life, all right. (kidding)

Yeah, I also hadn't had dreams in a good week or so & that totally messes with my head b/c that means that the sleep wasn't so good. So more tired, which begets more grumpiness, etc.

Of course, I'm an idiot & didn't get to bed at a reasonable hour last night, either.

11:43 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's usual a combo of those that make sleep very difficult for me.

12:00 AM

Blogger emertron said...

Girlie solution: lavender. Chocolate peanut butter ice cream. Red wine. Hem "Rabbit Songs".

Dude solution: Advil PM

3:05 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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9:49 PM


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