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Friday, November 06, 2009

Uh Oh: Part II

The world is full of idiots.

Yeah yeah yeah. Did you get laid yet?

What is it with you & sex?

What is it with you & being pathetic? Answer me, monkey.


Maybe you should look into losing weight again. Skinny girls get laid all the time.

Hey, I get hit on sometimes.

The 22-year-old from Halloween doesn't count because he's a child & was drunk & the dude at the Campus Convenience just wants you to buy more food from him.

At least neither of them are homeless.

Clearly moving up in life.

What I should be doing tonight:

What I will most likely be doing tonight:
Pull a half-assed cleaning job---->Gossip Girl on DVD---->fall asleep at 10

I've had something to do every night this week & I'm tired. This is not ample justification considering I skipped out on a workout last night to go to the BSP. No, Harry/Larry/Frank was not there. (disappointment) But a whole bunch of douchebags showed up. (further disappointment) Okay, I just saw a picture of Leighton Meester, which is enough motivation to at least work out tonight.