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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

La La Land

Uh, yeah. Work getting done in Seattle? Only in the two hours before anyone but me wakes up. It's definitely a vacation. Which is precisely why I am not writing shit right now.

Skiing, eating amazing foods, lazing around pulling research together, opening presents, watching some dude do a backflip off of a bridge into the canal, paying $10.50 too much for Sherlock Holmes (total bromance).

And all I got out of it (so far!) was this awesome picture of my brother at Discovery Park.

Ah. And the search for suitable living in two years's looking like this might be the next place to live.


Monday, December 21, 2009

Two More Days

Weekend Recap (inelegantly):
-Friday night 30pov party...was having dance party at a random apartment in Southie at 3 a.m.
-Saturday morning...barf.
-Saturday afternoon...running around downtown with a friend buying last minute gifts
-Saturday at two of my favorite people's house, C&S. C's been trying to set me up with his brother for over a year now & I finally got to meet him. Really great guy. Too bad he lives in Atlanta. The party finally booted my sulking bum into a holiday kind of mood. We trimmed the tree, drank the best wine & kept ourselves warm in front of the fireplaces. Next year, we're doing a tree in each room with different color schemes. Now I definitely can't move out of Boston for at least a year.

*Then the snow began falling*

-Saturday late night...home by about midnight & snuggled up with that perfect titration of chocolate martini & red wine lay down & feel like you're being carried off on a magic sleep cloud.

*While you were sleeping*

-Sunday morning...woke up refreshed & ready to study for my final (which i did, until i took a late-morning nap) & surrounded by fluffy white beautiful snow.
-Sunday early afternoon...all decked out in our ski pants & jackets & sweaters & hats, J & I trucked it up to Harvard Square for a hot cocoa & lunch.

Quite a lovely weekend.....and coming up...

-Today...finish the study guide (morning), meet with professor (to tell him I'm a slacker & deserve to go to epidemiology hell because I've written nothing for the PSA), annual doctor appointment, clean the apartment (already reserved the roomie...she better show up), study more. over notes, take final, tentative dinner plans (well, I'll be going to dinner somewhere, it just depends on where & with who) (ha!), pack, knock myself out at 7 p.m.
-Thursday morning....SEATTLE!


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Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Hey. It's been a while, buddy.

Sad that we drifted apart. But that's what happens after a few years out of high school, though, I guess. And not seeing someone every morning at 5:45 to get our asses handed to us by Schweer.

You know, just the other day I was going through pictures & saw a few of you. You know, those ones after one of Stomach's epic parties. You're, of course, smiling like no other. On the floor of Stomach's parents' house with Adri, Hunter, & Nadia. Another one of you & Adri, giving that "rock on" hand thing. And then even better memories spun off those pictures. You driving around in that enormous Suburban with the mattress in the back. (thanks for all the rides home from school!) Hours of listening to Weezer. So many memories in your parents' basement with the rest of the swimming crew. 4th of Julys. State meets.

Last week began the end of a two-year taper. Was thinking in the water how you would have joked about my awful times in a playful way. Urging me to work harder.

And then Adri called today. To tell me the news.

And it was shattering. All of the memories swirled around my head again. How could this be? How could Beany be gone? It's just unfathomable. You're supposed to be the fun reason our kids go to swim practice. For the great coach. Which I'm sure you were to many children before now.

You will forever be remembered as the happy-go-lucky guy. You always helped to pick us up when we felt down. You were the epitome of swimming. A wonderful person and an amazing athlete to top it off.

You will always be thought fondly of and forever loved.


Friday, December 04, 2009

Goes Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet Like Little Birds

Good morning. Guess what tomorrow is!

OMG. You're finally going to get laid! Did you get a hooker or something? Is this, like, you Christmas Present to yourself?

No. I'm not getting laid. Guess again.

How exactly would a male hooker work do you think? You should definitely get one. And like bring it to your work Holiday Party at the Dean' house. That would really shake stuff up!

First of all, I think that they're called "escorts" and no, I do have a shred of dignity left. Granted, it's like that spider's web hanging by a thread metaphor that Jonathon Edwards used in "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" but it's there, I swear. Anyways, Physics John's my date to the Holiday Party. He's going to dazzle dentists with Physics! But this has nothing to do with the Holiday Party or hookers or getting laid.

Then why do you bother me if it doesn't have to do with any of those things? You know that's all I care about.

Ugh. Whatever. The big news is that tomorrow night I'm having the annual Christmas Tree Extravaganza! Remember last year how it was super lots of fun with Doba & Staceroo & we took family photos by the tree & got all tipsy off of the nog?

Jesus Christ, you have got to get a life. So what you're saying is that you & your two whole friends (who you probably have to pay like hookers) are going to sing Christmas songs & decorate some stupid little tree? Lame.

No, this year I invited a plethora of people! And it won't be a sad little tree. It's a marvelous tree. And hopefully at least like ten of those plethora will show up so that I won't have to be all self-pitying & decorate & get drunk by myself.

I don't understand why I waste my time with you.

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