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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

La La Land

Uh, yeah. Work getting done in Seattle? Only in the two hours before anyone but me wakes up. It's definitely a vacation. Which is precisely why I am not writing shit right now.

Skiing, eating amazing foods, lazing around pulling research together, opening presents, watching some dude do a backflip off of a bridge into the canal, paying $10.50 too much for Sherlock Holmes (total bromance).

And all I got out of it (so far!) was this awesome picture of my brother at Discovery Park.

Ah. And the search for suitable living in two years's looking like this might be the next place to live.



Blogger Kyle said...

Seattle is such an awesome city...even in December when I was there a year ago. I just wish is was an actual vacation instead of a class :P

9:55 AM


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