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Monday, December 21, 2009

Two More Days

Weekend Recap (inelegantly):
-Friday night 30pov party...was having dance party at a random apartment in Southie at 3 a.m.
-Saturday morning...barf.
-Saturday afternoon...running around downtown with a friend buying last minute gifts
-Saturday at two of my favorite people's house, C&S. C's been trying to set me up with his brother for over a year now & I finally got to meet him. Really great guy. Too bad he lives in Atlanta. The party finally booted my sulking bum into a holiday kind of mood. We trimmed the tree, drank the best wine & kept ourselves warm in front of the fireplaces. Next year, we're doing a tree in each room with different color schemes. Now I definitely can't move out of Boston for at least a year.

*Then the snow began falling*

-Saturday late night...home by about midnight & snuggled up with that perfect titration of chocolate martini & red wine lay down & feel like you're being carried off on a magic sleep cloud.

*While you were sleeping*

-Sunday morning...woke up refreshed & ready to study for my final (which i did, until i took a late-morning nap) & surrounded by fluffy white beautiful snow.
-Sunday early afternoon...all decked out in our ski pants & jackets & sweaters & hats, J & I trucked it up to Harvard Square for a hot cocoa & lunch.

Quite a lovely weekend.....and coming up...

-Today...finish the study guide (morning), meet with professor (to tell him I'm a slacker & deserve to go to epidemiology hell because I've written nothing for the PSA), annual doctor appointment, clean the apartment (already reserved the roomie...she better show up), study more. over notes, take final, tentative dinner plans (well, I'll be going to dinner somewhere, it just depends on where & with who) (ha!), pack, knock myself out at 7 p.m.
-Thursday morning....SEATTLE!


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have a great holiday ;)

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