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Monday, January 25, 2010

Bad News

This evening I received a call from Jaimie's mom. Jaimie fell during aerial practice. She's alive. Broke her neck. Hours of surgery.

We're all hoping for a full recovery somewhere in the 12-18 month range. Knowing Jaimie, she will not let up until she is back to her usual, physical self. The easiest way to get her to do anything is to say it's impossible.

Green star, don't let us down!


Sunday, January 03, 2010

How to Waste a Day

#1. Wake up at 11.

#2. Reschedule plans with a friend because of "snow". Seriously? This is Boston...a good four months of the year are covered in snow. Snow is an excuse for not wanting to get out of sweatpants.

#3. Stay in sweatpants.

#4. Walk to the store in real pants (so change) for gatorade (no, couldn't get stuff for lunch or anything...just gatorade because I drank pisco punches last night & would cut off a pinky finger for that lovely sugary sweetness of Red Gatorade).

#5. Call several friends & talk for extended periods of time (let's say an average of an hour at least).

#6. Put all of your clothes away that have been laying on the bed. Well, I guess that is kind of productive. Kind of. While talking to the said above friends. Multitasking? Now I can sleep in the middle of the bed.

#7. Buy The XX disc & listen to it roughly 4 times.

#8. Drink aforementioned Gatorades.

#9. Get back into sweatpants & justify it by New England being dark at 5:30.

#10. Not shower all day's dark out?

#11. Go to bed at 7 p.m. and sleep for 12 hours.

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