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Monday, February 08, 2010

2nd Quarter


Seven days down, Twenty-one more to go. I feel like a machine. Like an animal. Like a.....

First of all, you can't be a machine & an animal. Second, maybe you should just go to Machine instead. Rumor has it that they have some really cute, straight man bouncers.

Hhhmmm...then I'll be a machine. Like the cyborg things from Total Recall or something. Or a Model T. Or a Transformer.

More than meets the eye!

Man, oh, man, have I been hungry the last like four days. That's what happens when you're making your bunz into steel doing spinning & pretending to be a yogi. Yesterday I ate 3, count 'em 3(!), pieces of fried mac & cheese. It was amazing. But since they're so grossly fat-laden I'm only allowing myself to eat bananas, oranges & hummus today (and a sammich and eggs for dinner and a salad and probably a brownie).


Yesterday afternoon I had a yoga(r) class (75 minutes) with this really spunky older lady. She was clearly like my mom's age & still has a super-hot bod. Maybe I'll ask her to be my body mentor. Like "hey, i like your bod & would like for my bod to look like that when I'm your age.....what do you say you be my body mentor?" kind of thing.

And that's how I got kicked out of the Lady Gym.

Anyways, she was all talking about the "fire inside" us & I was almost like "hey lady, my parents are pharmacists & could probably help you out with that" but then realized that it's a metaphorical fire. Like, a "heat" or "warmth", which was totally coincidental because I'd just read this journal article about how physical warmth contributes to changes in personalities & perceptions of others. Yeah, this really neat piece about people holding warm or cold coffee & then giving presents or something. It made me want warm coffee & a present too. So the class was really good & felt really warm afterwards & brought my fire to the SuperBowl Party. On the way to the party my fire died a little bit, though, because I had to walk like 3 miles in the cold because the stupid 57 bus never came so I was all "zenned out" walking around in the cold & let some of that fire out cursing the weather.

But then I filled up with guacamole & wings & fried chocolate balls & stuff & the fire was full force once again. Then I told everyone my funny dating stories & they laughed at my misfortune & told me that I need to start dating again so that they're entertained. I told them that I'm staying a "virgin" until James Franco finally realizes what he needs in his life is (obviously!) me but in the meantime I would do what I could for the sake of entertainment.

Up next: more "zenning out" & the possibility of jazz hands!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loves me some hummus... mmmmm.

Have you watched 30 Rock lately? Lots of James Franco and his current obsession.

2:16 AM

Blogger emertron said...

Unfortunately, I have class until super-late on Thursdays so I miss 30 Rock.

Hummus is magical.

8:24 AM


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