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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

And you love me til my heart stops, love me til I'm dead

Friends. Listen. to. This.

First, and foremost, yesterday we received an update on our gal, J.Boo. She's walking. This is amazing. This is astounding. This is unheard of. As her father put it...for the last 3 weeks we'd dreamed of this happening but never did anyone believe that it would come so soon. When I read the news I started jumping up & down in my office, "woot"ing & throwing my hands in the air, waving them like I just didn't even care. Surely, the co-workers think I've completely lost my mind.

Second, Operation Pudge-be-Gone is 9 for 9. Swam last night for 20 minutes. Hopefully Spin tonight. The weather's supposed to get awful today but the teacher is no sissy & hopefully they'll keep the Lady Gym open. One way or another, I'm working out, damnit. Even if I have to get on one of those stupid elliptical machines.

Third, heard yesterday while walking out of the M-Building: "Daaaeeeemmmmn, now she is seeeeexxxyy" as I walked by a bum (the area of town where I work is, well, lower on the socioeconomic scale, let's say, with a methadone clinic across the street from my office). That's right, I have not lost my touch & once again am getting hit on by homeless people. It hadn't happened in so long that I was beginning to get a bit worried.

Forth, I was checking the movies at Coolidge Corner Theater for the weekend.....AND GUESS WHAT I FOUND........Tuesday night they're playing Stop Making Sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ticket=bought. Excitement=through the roof!

Oh man, yesterday was so fantastic. I just DARE today to top it.

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