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Friday, February 19, 2010

Embarrassing Moment #751

Picture it....packed BU bus, Wednesday night, a small girl with a look of determination on her face & RJD2 blaring from her headphones, she swings around into one of the last remaining seats next to a pudgy boy in his early 20's, opens her bag, reaches for her crossword book but instead.....


(boy turns bright red with a look of disgust on his face)

Wouldn't that be an hilarious sit com moment? Because let me tell you, in real life it was painfully awkward.

Despite at least a half dozen people seeing my granny bra (which screams out that I not only don't have a boyfriend, but that I'm clearly not trying too hard to win someone over with sessi-lingerie) followed by slight mortification, I made it to the 60 minute spinning class & oh boy did i work. It's the teacher who plays the best music (except for this one song on Wednesday that was a stupid AC/DC mashup...barf) & is appropriately encouraging, so she's my favorite.

20 minutes in the pool last night.

Spinning again tonight.



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