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Thursday, February 04, 2010

If not for the Puppy Bowl & fried candy bars at Half Time.....

....I would totally boycott the Super Bowl & all the parties.

Because of this.

But since Faux Bro's parties are always the best & no one ever actually watches the game I'll still go. Begrudgingly, eating all of the pizza & other delicious treats I can fit in my mouth with the justification of Operation Pudge-be-Gone.

That makes no sense, you retard.

Sure it does. You see, a great way to kick-start your metabolism is to add some calories & work out.

Yeah, like 100 calories/day, not a goddamn 2000 calorie binge of crap.

But this week I haven't changed my diet at all so I'll be making up for this past week.

So grab a bag of carrots & step away from the fried Snickers, Tubbo.

No amount of heckling will change my mind on this one.

P-B-G Update: I took spinning last night (60 minutes) for the first time in two and a half years. The first 10 minutes was a little rough, but quickly got into the cadence with the help of some gangsta rap & the reawakening of my glut muscles.


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