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Sunday, February 07, 2010

It Only Hurts 'Cause I Said it First

Good morning Interwebs!

It's Super Bowl Sunday. Aren't you excited? The one day of the year that you're expected to rise & shine & start drankin'.

You forgot about St. Patrick's Day & 4th of July, dum dum.

Oh yeah. I guess it's the first day of the year that you're supposed to get up & start drankin'.

So are you drunk yet?

Nope. Remember, I have a class this afternoon to attend. And showing up drunk to yoga is frowned upon.

True. But it'd be pretty hilarious to see.

Operation Pudge-be-Gone is spreading like wildfire. Wildfire, I tell you! There's another member on board. A very special sweetest Cinnamon Roll put her name in this morning! Hers is a bit different than P-b-G but she'll also be working out every day this month. Isn't that exciting? She's mobile & doesn't even need her neat hover-chair anymore.

This stupid blog is way too "exciting" for a Sunday morning. Shouldn't you be hungover?

Not when you don't go out partying on Saturday night. I'm energized & hydrated after gallons of water & a nice 11 hour slumber.

Ugh. You piss me off with your cheeriness. I'm going back to bed.

Fine by me. But you'll be missing out on walking in the sunshine & an awesome yoga class!

Day 5: 60 minutes of spinning to house music. It was like I was back at a rave again but not on drugs & wearing a sports bra.

Day 6: Despite showing up to Boxing AN HOUR early, the class was already full. Wha?! Thwarted! So instead I ran for 50 minutes (which is the longest I've run since undergrad) & did 4 sets of arm weight lifty things.

Time to make a new mix, hit the gym & gorge myself on fried candy bars.

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