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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

New Music & "28 Day Challenge"

-St. Vincent
-Toro y Moi
-Freelance Whales

OMGOMGOMG. My ears are so incredibly happy right now they don't even know what to do!

Jaimie is hovering around in her new amazing motorized wheelchair. She looks great. Sounds great. There is a little wiggling going on even!!!

Thank you, so much, everyone for your kind words and thoughts. They're more appreciated than you could ever imagine.

Yesterday began my own 28 Day Challenge. No, I'm not staying sober for 28 days. SuperBowl & VD are this month. That would just be silly. My goal is to work out (yoga, boxing, ballet, spinning & swimming...maybe a little running) every day this month. One day/week I might allow myself to just go for a superlong (5+ miles) walk but am feeling so good after last night's Vinyasa class that I'm hooked back on working out & taking better (see: not be a lazy piece going home & loafing) care.

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