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Friday, February 05, 2010

Step One: Cut a Hole in the Box

Step Two: Put a bunch of music stuffs for J.Boo in the box.

You thought I was going to say "Step Two, put your dick in the box" didn't you? Ha ha! Gotcha!!

No one thought you were going to say that, since it's been so long you probably don't even know what one looks like anymore. Also, why would you cut a hole in a box that you're going to mail? You make no sense any more.

You'll see. And, no, I remember. What do you think that craigslist personals are all about?

Definitely NSFW.

Step Three: Procrastinate until after tomorrow morning's appointment to put the finishing touches on the box.

Step Four: Stand in line at the post office tapping your foot, looking bitchy (which generally just comes off as looking constipated) for 20 minutes.

Step Five: Go to the gym.

Operation P-b-G Update:
Got my sore, sleepy ass into the pool last night after class for a very slow 1k. Rhythm was off but it still got completed.

But in more exciting Operation P-b-G news one of my partners in crime, Mandy, has joined me with Operation FivePounds-be-Gone. We're gonna be like The Biggest Losers or something.

I just don't even know what to say to that last statement.



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