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Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Okay, so that last post could probably the lamest, most annoying post on this stupid blog.

Nah, remember that one about Charles in Charge? That was the lamest.

What are you talking about? That post was awesome! There was a CONTEST in that one.

You should probably have another contest. And this time the winner gets to get you laid because really, that's what you should be focusing on right now.

Fat chance. I'm focusing on Operation Pudge-be-Gone & revirginizing myself.

Not having any prospects is not "revirginizing". It's being a loser. A fat one at that.

Not true. There's hope for me yet.

No, there isn't. Quit lying to yourself.

(sigh...i know)

So to make this stupid blog even stupider, I'm going to use it as my exercise tracker for the month. You know, to stay accountable or whatever.

Monday: Vinyasa (hour & 15 minutes)

Tuesday: Swam 1000 yards

We'll see how long this lasts. My arms feel like they are about to fall off. If I make it the rest of the 26 days what should I get myself, you know, as like a present?

A hooker.

Other than a hooker....

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