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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Walking & Cooking

Still not 100% but tonight's a big night. Big huge night!

You going to shave your legs or something?

Don't be silly. Girls only shave their legs when they get laid. Or in the summer. Everyone knows that. Plus, it creates for more drag in the pool.


I'm going to make this. Because last week I made this. And this. Which I thought about making again but figured I'd like to branch out a little bit. All day I've been researching behavioral intervention models & need a brain break. You know, do a crossword. Cook.

You need a fucking life break is what you need. And with this kind of talk, you're going to end up with an intervention of your own.....because you're going to lose what few friends you have if you keep holed up like this.

It's "taking care of yourself". Healthy & restful.

You need to take care of your social life is what you need to do. And that ass because it's gonna be fat from all this butter.

I'm not fat. Just pudgy.

Unfortunately, the last week of Operation Pudge-be-Gone has kind of sucked. But that's okay because this whole exercising thing is superfun & I can't wait to continue to do it.

Ugh. Did I really just type that? I need to kick my own ass.

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