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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Short & Sweet

In an hour it's April. After careful consideration, this month's goal is to practice the flute twice per week.

My neighbors are going to hate me.

(no physical goals b/c I'm signed up for one 5k at the end of the month & have been running enough to do that already & no cooking goals b/c I don't think that I could fit any more cooking in at this point....last weekend Physics John & I made was delicioius)


Friday, March 26, 2010

Roller Coaster.....of Love

God, that song sucks big time. And is stuck in my head. GAAAAAAAAH!

It's Friday, I'm supposed to be in love or something but instead I'm just sleepy because for some reason I had the insomnias again last night. I'd been sleeping SO WELL this week, too, except for Sunday night but that was because of stupid shit. Like crazy dreams well. Like psychic crazy dreams again. I will not bore you with details.....let's just say that I dreamt something & it came true. (and not something silly or mundane like 'ooooo....i dreamt i ate ice cream & it happened!'.....that happens every night right about 10:30)

Debbie Gibson wouldn't understand.

Sunday night, however, will be filled with love. One of my great pals alerted me of a happening that is going to surely be superawesomefun. It's A MidSummer Night's Dream (FAV SHAKESPEARE!) but with disco music & a dance party that you participate in. Isn't that awesome? All of the mischief of Puck & Oberon, Titania & her fairies & the four lovebirds. Remember when I played The Fairy?

Over Hill Over Dale!

So yeah, it's Industry Night on Sunday, too, so all the fun kids are going to be out & about. Monday may or may not be one of those days you have to untag yourself on Facebook about 300 times.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More Labels

One more midterm down. None to go. Until next semester. But in the meantime there are finals & papers & presentations & projections & grants & visits.

Visits? Who wants to visit you on their own free will?

Lots of people. Like Doba. And Physics John. And Stac-a-roo. And my parents.

AHA! Parents don't count as a visit. That's just an excuse for them to check up & make sure that you're actually living in a clean apartment, working & going to school.

Not true. They want to hang out in Boston & gorge themselves on seafood & learn some more history or something.

Like I said, making sure you're not a complete waste. They invested in you. You need to produce.

I'm not a freaking stock, I'll have you know.

Dance Monkey.

Speaking of dancing, I've not been in a ballet class for months now & hate it but don't because the only nights I can go the teacher SUCKS BALLZ & I can't quite tell work that I won't be there until like 1 all danced out because I was taking a dance class.


Maybe you should quit your job.

And do what? Dance-study like the 20somethings or hope to make it big?

Exactly, you're old. I'd like to see you fall on your face again.

You're an asshole.

Just how you like them.

Remember, I'm trying not to anymore.

And trying-not-to-stuff, I've also been trying not to procrastinate on homework, which is not working so well. I finished my turn-in midterm at 5:30 today with it due at 6, which is pitiful. But it's in. And really don't care to hear how I did at this point. At this point I'm tired. And ready to watch some shit teevee. With a cup of tea that just brewed.

Maybe I'll just do a crossword instead.

(kicking my own self in the ass for that sad comment)

Monday, March 22, 2010

That Time Again

Ugh. Mid-semester's the worst. God bless office hours.

I can not believe I'll be doing this for another two years. At least this summer I only have ONE class. A law class. Boo-erns.

Back to analyzing data. Barf.

Also, this is the funniest video I've seen in quite a while.


Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Goals Revised

Only doing the two physical goals for this month. Too much going on & I'm starting to feel like I'm spinning out of control again. Oy. One paper's done. One mid-term project in the works. Mid-term test next week.

This is not how I remember Spring Break in Undergrad. What happened to morning beers & sex with strangers?

Cooking will have to wait. Back to reading.

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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

March Madness!

Operation Pudge-be-Gone February has come to an end. And while I'm still pudgy, I'm less pudgy. Which is pretty awesome. Even though a new month is upon us, I'm not giving up the working out all the time, just not everyday (see: no Tuesday & one day/weekend).

And since there were no suggestions (thank 2 readers....sheeeesh!) for a March goal, I'm going to go with my original thought Two-in-Three. Here's how it works......

#1. Twice this month (3rd month of the clever! not really) I will participate in mini-gym-triathlon type workouts (45 minutes spinning, 2 miles of running, 1000 yard swim). These will take place the 2nd & 4th Saturday of the month. And if that goddamn pool changes its hours again, I'm going to shoot it in its stupid face. Or be very irritated.

#2. Twice/week I will cook something new. New recipe, new technique, new food....doesn't matter, I just can not have made it before.

So what do you think blog? Like those goals? They're pretty awesome, right?

No, you getting laid would be awesome. Buy a hooker.