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Friday, March 26, 2010

Roller Coaster.....of Love

God, that song sucks big time. And is stuck in my head. GAAAAAAAAH!

It's Friday, I'm supposed to be in love or something but instead I'm just sleepy because for some reason I had the insomnias again last night. I'd been sleeping SO WELL this week, too, except for Sunday night but that was because of stupid shit. Like crazy dreams well. Like psychic crazy dreams again. I will not bore you with details.....let's just say that I dreamt something & it came true. (and not something silly or mundane like 'ooooo....i dreamt i ate ice cream & it happened!'.....that happens every night right about 10:30)

Debbie Gibson wouldn't understand.

Sunday night, however, will be filled with love. One of my great pals alerted me of a happening that is going to surely be superawesomefun. It's A MidSummer Night's Dream (FAV SHAKESPEARE!) but with disco music & a dance party that you participate in. Isn't that awesome? All of the mischief of Puck & Oberon, Titania & her fairies & the four lovebirds. Remember when I played The Fairy?

Over Hill Over Dale!

So yeah, it's Industry Night on Sunday, too, so all the fun kids are going to be out & about. Monday may or may not be one of those days you have to untag yourself on Facebook about 300 times.

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Blogger Sun Follower said...

ha ha! thank God for that untagging option!

4:14 AM


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