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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thistled Spring

Just got home after a long, but interesting, law class. I immediately packed my bag for the gym tomorrow morning, opened a bottle of white, & downloaded the disc I bought today from the record company (still like having ceedees for the player but they have this awesome auto download thingy & it's as cheap, or maybe $2 more than, as iTunes).

Horse Feathers: Thistled Spring.

If you don't pay attention to any other writing (and I wouldn't blame you), please listen to this. It's lovely. And making me feel a little sad for the impending move. I'm so excited about so many things about the new place. And it's doubtlessly a good move. It'll greatly simplify my life and I'll be living in an area that I just adore. It's so cute and near so much more (the street is literally lined with restaurants & conveniences). But in the next breath I feel sad for leaving what has been home for the last 3 years.

This apartment holds a history in my personal life. So many strong memories will stay in these walls. Some wonderful but mostly heartbreaking and stressful. I'd made it a home from the first week I lived here. Looking back, I could certainly see who anyone else living here would feel intimidated. It's been mine all along. Could tell you where everything is, or rather was, since it's all in boxes now.

More than anything else, I'll miss the back porch. Countless nights I spent sitting out back reading, writing, listening to music, and talking to friends. It was the most comfortable place in the apartment, emotionally. The bedroom holds restlessness & I've been avoiding it again lately. Not wanting to be in your bedroom is not a good feeling. The couch has become my bed until 3 a.m. again. Falling asleep in front of the television. Maybe it's some sort of subconscious attempt to separate, but that's kind of hokey psychobabble. It just is.

It's time for a move.

Speaking of which, I've armed myself with a fresh crossword to snuggle into my actual bed with tonight.

Again, really, this disc is fantastic. (or at least for me) If you need me on Saturday night, I'll doubtlessly be out on the porch, listening to folky music, reading, and end enjoying one of my last weekends to do just that.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


There are some items on the horizon that are either in full swing or infancy. Some of which I can talk about. One of which I don't want to jinx so I'm not going to say anything about. None of which have to do with dating, as I've finally figured out that I'll need to move to a different city (NYC, perhaps?) to find anything worthwhile.

Item #1: I'm moving to another neighborhood of Boston, Coolidge Corner. (at this point I'm pretty sure that since the only people who read this I know & would gladly invite into my apartment that I'm safe) It's adorable & clean & there are like a million restaurants & shops around the area. I used to walk through on my way to the Farbs in the morning & evenings & pretty much fell in love with it 3 years ago. Despite it being out of my way at this point to & from work, I still visit it frequently for a great places to eat, dry cleaners, THE GYM, & bang-cutter? And it's a one bedroom. NO PANTS PARTY ALL THE TIME! Tiny? Yes. Will I get irritated at some things? Yes. Affordable? Barely. Happening? Hell to the yeah.

Item #2: Work's been insanely busy and I've been pulled closer into the Dean's Office. This is both flattering & an awesome move from focusing my time on one prof mainly. It certainly makes me feel more like I'm an integral part of what's moving forward & I really like it. Rather than just being told what to do, I'm asked my opinion on issues & really, that's very encouraging.

Item #3: This is by far the prettiest Spring in Boston so far. (for the allergies, it's sucked hard core but I'm willing to pay the price) The weather has been great after a summer of rain & a winter of rain. Rain can suck it. Except, of course, for a thunderstorm here & there. Those are wonderful to sleep to & cool everything off.

Item #4: I'm mostly packed at this point. All of the cupboards are empty despite not leaving until July 1. Plates, cups, cooking stuff...all in boxes. At first it freaked me out since there's only one pot & one pan (cooking simple things) but really, it's summer, the grill's still here & you can eat a hot dog with a paper towel.

Item #5: Man, I love exercising. I'd taken a week off but am back yogaing, spinning & all that beautiful Seratonin that goes with it. And there's another two pluses to Item #1 here....the gym is moving to 3 blocks from my new apartment and there's a ballet studio a half of a block away that has an Intermediate/Advanced class on Sunday mornings. Hello new church.

For the first time in a while I have quite a bit to really look forward to. Yeah, I have that whole Masters thing but it's so far off (a year & a half?) that excitement waned Fall semester. And to be honest, this first Summer semester is Law & 3.25 hours of that on Thursdays after a day of work is not something to look forward to. Believe me.

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Not-Really-The-Weekend-Anymore Update

Ooooookay. It's the week between Finals & S1 (decided to actually take an S2 course because it's paid for by work & might be able to graduate Fall 2011), which means that I will actually make it home before 7 one night...maybe. There's a work cocktail party thing for the Endo Department on Thursday & ballet on Friday. That leaves tomorrow (gym) & Wednesday (gym & ANTM finale). And essentially means that no, I will not be home early any night this week.

And I've been asked why I stay in on weekend nights. The answer to that should be clear.

So as things cycle up & down & back & forth & all over the place, I've managed to pull off an A & a B (Socio-Behavioral & Biostats, respectively) without completely (note: completely, only some) losing it. While working full time (what was "super relaxed, not busy time job" has changed drastically since they've pulled me closer into the Dean's office & more or less taken on the role of Grant Wench for areas of the school & working with central office to realign processes). And attempting to get in some exercise (see: sanity) time during the week & weekends. And weathering the absolute most emotionally exhausting time since late high school (total shit show of stressors...which I did not handle well, but would any 15-17 year old?).

I'm fucking tired. Like really, really tired.

But not in the exhausted, can't even hold my head up to cry tired. Which is pretty good?

Despite one hell of a hangover this morning (judge if you like...there were tequila shots), I still put together 2 grants & found out about another SURPRISE! application that has been put mostly(?) together. And apparently, I've made quite the impression on the higher-ups (Dean) as I got called out during a meeting for "excellent editing & financial work for Dr. Soandso".

Me. Me. Me.

Parenthesis. Parenthesis. Parenthawhat?

Maybe that was even spelled incorrectly.

At this point I don't even know. And really don't care about spelling. (more about the golden girls marathon on television!!)

Shoot youself

What I do care about is the 6 or 7 people who read this & wanted to let you know that the$30 phone that I bought like 2 years ago is caput. Ain't not thang, but I don't have numbers. Please send. Thank you.

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Running with Scissors

So. Effing. Busy.

Done with finals.

Found an apartment & signed a lease. (hello Coolidge Corner!)

Mom was in this weekend.

Work's a mess.

But I still had time to write this a couple weeks ago.