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Monday, May 10, 2010

Not-Really-The-Weekend-Anymore Update

Ooooookay. It's the week between Finals & S1 (decided to actually take an S2 course because it's paid for by work & might be able to graduate Fall 2011), which means that I will actually make it home before 7 one night...maybe. There's a work cocktail party thing for the Endo Department on Thursday & ballet on Friday. That leaves tomorrow (gym) & Wednesday (gym & ANTM finale). And essentially means that no, I will not be home early any night this week.

And I've been asked why I stay in on weekend nights. The answer to that should be clear.

So as things cycle up & down & back & forth & all over the place, I've managed to pull off an A & a B (Socio-Behavioral & Biostats, respectively) without completely (note: completely, only some) losing it. While working full time (what was "super relaxed, not busy time job" has changed drastically since they've pulled me closer into the Dean's office & more or less taken on the role of Grant Wench for areas of the school & working with central office to realign processes). And attempting to get in some exercise (see: sanity) time during the week & weekends. And weathering the absolute most emotionally exhausting time since late high school (total shit show of stressors...which I did not handle well, but would any 15-17 year old?).

I'm fucking tired. Like really, really tired.

But not in the exhausted, can't even hold my head up to cry tired. Which is pretty good?

Despite one hell of a hangover this morning (judge if you like...there were tequila shots), I still put together 2 grants & found out about another SURPRISE! application that has been put mostly(?) together. And apparently, I've made quite the impression on the higher-ups (Dean) as I got called out during a meeting for "excellent editing & financial work for Dr. Soandso".

Me. Me. Me.

Parenthesis. Parenthesis. Parenthawhat?

Maybe that was even spelled incorrectly.

At this point I don't even know. And really don't care about spelling. (more about the golden girls marathon on television!!)

Shoot youself

What I do care about is the 6 or 7 people who read this & wanted to let you know that the$30 phone that I bought like 2 years ago is caput. Ain't not thang, but I don't have numbers. Please send. Thank you.

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