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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Heavy Heart

Plain talk:

A close friend in high school was killed this week in Afghanistan. Why he was there, I don't know. We hadn't talked in years. Despite being an integral part of each others' lives 12 years ago, our paths separated. Am I sad for this? No. I certainly would have enjoyed keeping in contact but we lived very different lives.

He helped me through, as to date, the most difficult part of my life.

Any time I started to cry (which was unfortunately often, as I pretty much didn't eat for 2 years...don't judge), he'd quickly bring back happy & figure out some way in which the scene could be shifted.

When I called Mom to request that she be present for services if I'm not in Chicago she asked why he was there & other technical aspect that, at this point are moot. On that, I more or less hung up, wondering how she could say such things. These aren't issues of when/why/how. You just fucking show up. She called back 10 minutes later with an apology of how grave this incident was & began recalling that we'd spent most of our high school years hip to hip within the group.

The loss of Gunnar in this world is one less person whose glass is always half full. Problems, his or others', eluded him.

And for that I am so thankful that for 31 years he was on the earth.

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Blogger Sun Follower said...

Tragic news - I am sorry to hear it.

10:37 PM


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