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Friday, June 11, 2010

Spinning Away

Wow, I really use exercise to get out pent up stress. Which is why I've been in the spinning studio like 2-3x/week lately & still yogaing & running.

Other than that, it's all law class, which is more or less Greek to me.

Oh, and hanging out quite a bit with Jorge, Lisa, Nicole, & Wev. Which is ridiculously fun and ridiculously tiring. Definitely looking forward to a nice, quiet evening with Neighbor J, grilling & relaxing. Since tomorrow's a bust (class, yes, CLASS at 9 followed directly by the Pride Parade & Somerville Arts Fest), I can only assume that by 8 p.m. I will be good for nothing but a shower & the couch.

So ANYWAYS, in 3 weeks I'll be in my new place!! Yipee! Cleaned out my closets & drawers last weekend. Taking pictures of furniture & hauling stuff to the Salvation Army box on Sunday & a trip to Target for a plastic thing that I can stick under my bed to put my shoes in for the new place. Pretty much the rest of what I need to do is physically move. Oh, and take a law final, play Tipple Trivia, visit Chicago.

Wait, another trip to Chicago? Are you going to call your Bang Maid?

Yes. Another trip to Chicago. And no, I'm not going to call my Bang Maid because I really have no desire to bang.

First, you're boring. Second, everyone wants to bang. Third, you should go to like Miami or something because that's where people bang. Not Chicago.

Gross. I don't want to bang someone who smells like Banana Boat.

See! Caught you! You do want to bang!!!

Ugh. No, I'm going to Chicago to see (drum roll, please!) J-BOO!!!! And Schmale & Farthead (who's expecting...yay!) & Erin (who's also knocked up) & Karen. Clearly people bang in Chicago. Just not me.

So you're saying that you're going to Chicago to be surrounded by married people who are pregnant & have kids?


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