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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Okay. So I don't have the interwebs at my new place yet (which has been strangely calming) but will as of Saturday morning. Yaaaaaaaaay!

Last weekend included a trip to the old place with mom & although I've had many good times there, realized that the place is toxic. At this point almost literally. And now, it's time for......Tales of Waffles (that's the old roommate's nickname, long story)

1. Mom & I cleaned out the fridge & upon opening the freezer saw that Waffles had put a Domino's box (with a whole pizza in it) into said freezer. Not wrapped up. Nothing. Just a nasty shriveled pizza chilling in the freezer. I'm sure she ate it.

2. I went to throw away some junk mail I'd received to find that Waffles had taken out the garbage. Yay Waffles! Only to find that she did not replace the liner & had been throwing trash and food into the trash can. Waffles fail. Good thing I didn't want to keep that. (it was a nice, stainless steel trashcan, too!)

3. The only items I'd left in the bathroom were all disposables (old mouthwash, etc) so just like the fridge, mom was going to hold the bag while I dumped out bottles & threw everything into the recycling bag. This way is so much better than doing it on your own. Got to gossip & gab with mom while undertaking a less than fun task. The weekend before I taken the bathroom trashcan to the new place. Apparently, in Waffleland, you don't need a trashcan for trash. You can just throw it into the cabinet under the sink! Used Kotex pads & all!!

So this weekend I'll be cleaning all of that crap up. But so so so so happy that it will end in me never having to go back there or deal with Waffles (except for util checks) ever again!! It makes me feel sad, too, because she really is such a sweet girl. This passive-aggressive shit is enough, though.

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