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Monday, October 11, 2010

A (Mon)Day In the Life

Happy Here-Have-a-Blanket-Day!

Despite the political incorrectness of Columbus Day, I'm more than happy to celebrate with a day off. And oh, what a day it was. The kind of day I wish was everyday but don't because it'd become boring after a while.

Around 8:30 I woke up without an alarm, snuggled up with Georgie & Henry purring away & stretched for a good half hour in bed. Without rushing, I hopped off to a morning ballet class. 90 minutes of twirling, leaping, and jeteing later I found myself in a bath with a crossword.

Since I had no plans until evening, to The Coolidge it was. A nice dose of Woody Allen made me feel like a normal, relatively un-neurotic person so I went to where I can once again indulge in my neurosis....The Booksmith.

The rest of the evening I spent having pizza with Kim & meeting up with the gals for some long chats, coming home, carving a pumpkin & watching The GG. rejuvenating. Time to head to bed for some snuggle time with the furry babies & a Vonnegut I haven't yet read.




Blogger Sun Follower said...

This sounds like the perfect day to me... seriously!

3:39 PM


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