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Monday, February 14, 2011

i and love and you

Guess who's sick. Me! Ew. Snot. Gross.

Good thing I didn't have any swinging plans for VD. Also, good for the people on the T who were sitting on each others' laps and making out that I'm feeling like my head is about to explode. Because I was all set to tell them just how disgusting it is to make out on public trans.

Guess who's made out on public trans. I blame it on the booze.

So yeah, whatever, another day without a "partner". And while I sit in sweats, smelling like a flower because I just got out of a flowery bath, waiting for my mac & cheese to finish, watching The Golden Girls, I feel a little sad to be alone or whatever.

Even sadder is that the only thing that I want from a "partner" right now is for them to bring me soup and rub my feet and listen to me whine about how I probably shouldn't have ran this evening in an attempt to sweat this shit out.


Which shows that I would be a really shitty "partner" right now. But that didn't stop me from striking up conversation with the cute guy next to me in the computer lab this morning.

"Hey, have you taken the SAS course yet?" "Yep 723 or 805?" "723" "Yep" "Can I put a % in the input?" "Nope."

Pretty awesome pick up line, huh? Sexy sexy biostats.

He said it was nice to meet me. Which clearly means that he is already in love with me because I do not have control over these things & my hacking & snotty nose are the biggest turn ons in all the world.

But enough sarcasm...other than feeling like doody, stuff is glorious. Life is lovely. School is awesome and my friends are amazing and I love them and they love me but not like Matt With The Nice Ass from the computer lab loves me.

Hope I never run into him again because if I do, I will be so embarrassed about what he has no idea I wrote.

Ugh...this cold is making me delusional. Bedtime.

Happy VD Interwebs! You're my favorite.



Anonymous Jessica said...

At least you've only made out on trains. . . OY, alcohol has done some mighty odd things to a girl's inhibitions. Also, my brother was my Valentine this year. And I hope you feel better, my sweet little Chocolate Eclair :)

5:32 PM

Blogger emertron said...

Ha ha ha! Yeah, the train make out was actually mild. (wink wink)

Thanks baby! I think I ended up running whatever was in me out of me.

How have you been, my dear?

11:14 PM

Anonymous Jess said...

Things are okey dokey. Moved back to Chicago, found an awesome roommate and continue to spend time with my canine lifemate ;) Ahhhh, the 30s. I hardly even drink anymore!

3:32 PM


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