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Thursday, March 31, 2011

In the Not So Distant Future

Guess who just got her 2 day pass to the Newport Folk Festival!!! Who wants to jam out to some sweet tunes that will not get your blood pressure dangerously elevated? And follow it up with some wholesome, delicious food brought by local vendors?

I am really plowing right into middle age nicely, don't you think?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Intermission for My Brain


I'm working. It's cool. The kids don't even know how to party like we used to. They're all sissies now. And I can't teach them because I don't even party at all! How lame is that?!

Lametown: Population Me!

It's okay because I have been having these wicked vivid dreams the past few nights. Taking me to far away places. Like my old dorm room at Parmallee Hall. That place was pretty magical. Not like magical like a "lucky" room. Freshman year I was 2-gether 4-ever with my high school boyfriend, Ben, but we never saw each other because he was in Indiana and I was in Colorado and we were going to get married so I was saving myself for him. What a waste! There were some hott doodz at Colorado State at that time and I was like "no thanks I'm a taken lady!". Kidding. No waste. I really thought I was madly in love with him and that we really would be 2gether 4ever. Turns out we had pretty much nothing in common.

Funny how life works out. Most of the time you don't get to choose who sticks around and who moves away. Speaking of real life Best Friends 4ever...

Katie was in town this past weekend. It was so awesome that awesome is not even close to being able to describe any of it. It was like MAGIC woven with SPARKLES interlaced with CHARMS and topped with CHOCOLATE.

We ate our way through Boston. OINK OINK!! And visited the MFA. And she told me all about how big her kids are getting and how amazing they are. And talked until 3 a.m. And there was crying. A lot of crying. On my part. Not bad. Good. Really good. Happy tears. It was like Pringles but with tears. Once I popped I couldn't stop. It was very special. Best friends are the best.

Your assignment for tonight is to please listen to this. While watching this.

**IMPORTANT: start the song (first link) and after 10 seconds start the video (second link) on mute, obvs.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cake for Dinner

SCHMALE'S COMING!!! Tomorrow. For like 48 hours. She was able to escape her kids for 2 whole days and pay the fair hamlet of Brookline a little visit. Ice cream for everybody!!