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Monday, April 18, 2011

Marathon Monday

Happy Marathon Monday!! It's almost noon and I'm sitting still in jammies, having cleaned my bathroom and did two loads of laundry. These chores were originally intended for earlier this weekend but the universe had other, much more fun, plans for me.

So I'm sitting on my couch, enjoying the screams and shouts for the runners right outside my window. I have the good fortune of living right on the marathon path. The energy of the crowd is felt through the walls and I can't help but smile. It's nice to feel that energy again. To be able to feel anything again.

The past couple weekends I've spent out of town and it wore me out. I'm a creature of habit. I like my habits. I like doing homework on Friday or Saturday nights. It's nice. I feel grounded.

And I love days off. It's like extra time to relax. Which, a year ago, I couldn't handle. There was no relaxing. Especially not when I had to be by myself. In my own head. Last night I attempted to explain that a shift happened late last year. There's no way of pinpointing the exact date or time. But at some point, I grew fond of myself. And now need it. If I don't have enough time to take baths and lounge around I get restless and irritable. Never would I guess that this is how I'd feel.

Speaking of's daytime bathtime! What a treat!!!



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