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Monday, May 23, 2011

Secrets Revealed!


#1: I got a new job. I start 2 weeks from today. At BU. Different department. Amazing professor. You know how people say that you just "know the one"? And I have pretty much told them that they are full of shit when I've heard that? Well, I think I might have found the one professionally. He talked about how he likes circles better than squares, when referring to an organizational chart. "squares are too rigid" I SHIT YOU NOT. I wanted to squeal "OMG! I THINK ABOUT GEOMETRIC SHAPES ALL THE TIME DO YOU HAVE AN IRRATIONAL OBSESSION WITH PRIME NUMBERS TOO?!?!?!" (irrational no patterns prime numbers....GET IT?!?!) And then we talked about Seinfeld.

Say you get it or I might cut you because I am MOODY right now. Because...

#2: I quit [doing something people judge you on]. Hello Fatsville: Population ME. And wow. I am suuuuuuuuch a bitch right now. Almost punched a woman with a stroller yesterday walking down Beacon Street because she was walk-blocking me and her kid had this fucking whistle and I really really really wanted to just yell "shut up and get out of my way I need more food....FATTY NEED FOOOOOOD".

Which is why...

#3: Totally dropping my membership at lady gym and joining boxing gym. Lately lady gym has sucked balls (ha ha ha ha!) and the classes have been awful. Boxing gym makes me feel the burn and is getting my flabby arms into shape. I would claim that I was going to do push-ups after spinning at the lady gym but did I ever? Maybe once. Why? Because I am lazy and need someone to force me to work out.

Back to work (eating).

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