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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Adventures in Rebellion: Not Reading the Safety Card

Settling in to the new job. And right around the corner I start up with class again. Thankfully, the rest of my classes are "fun". No more law (bleck). No more programming (super-bleck). But I get to use what I've learned going forward.

So I was in Baltimore for like 20 hours last week. Most of the time was spent listening, and watching, and writing down notes, and hoping I didn't say anything stupid. Mission accomplished!!

The flight back to Boston was delayed. While frustrating and tiring and still hoping I wouldn't say anything too stupid (boss was with me on the trip), once I got on the plane I got to stretch out and move into the vacant window seat next to me. We took off just as the sun was beginning to set. So I was allowed a good 20 minutes to stare out the window and I just so happened to have a card to write Mandy. It was beautiful.

And then we hit some turbulence. And people start freaking out when you're flying into a storm. But I actually had a really nice time.

Even if we did go down in flames, wouldn't it be so awful to die scared? Maybe it's because I don't have kids or something. And maybe it was because you have more of a chance of dying like any other possible way ever in all the world than in a plane crash.

Who knows. Who cares?

Not my business. And not under my control.

So we made it back safe and sound. (duh) Just in time to spend next weekend in NYC. With Mandy & John. We are going to eat so much good food. Like, I don't even know how I am currently sleeping (yes I do...I can sleep through anything). But you know what I mean.

Right. So it's getting late. And CYE is ending. And I'm sleepy. But not exhausted. Or even tired. It's weird. And good.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Race You to Diabetes!

Dad's riding one of his motorbikes out for a visit to the East Coast this weekend. He's on the road now.

Watch out! Beep beep!

So I don't really have anything planned, though. Just like, eating, and stuff. Maybe catch the new Woody Allen. Maybe walk around a lot. It is supposed to be beautiful outside.

We will for sure eat a whole lot of ice cream. That, I can promise.

Did I mention that I'll be traveling for the new job? VA Hospitals, here I come!!