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Saturday, August 06, 2011

Research Revisited

Yikes. Where does the time go? Flying off into the wind. Summer's almost gone. Which is okay. It's been nice. But the summer depressions hit right around this time of year. And people (including myself) start to go a little nuts. Maybe it's Mars Retrograde or whatever the fuck that made up bullshit is. Sorry, astrologers, it's fun...but it's make believe.

Bleck...that isn't positive. You know what is? Just got back from a Saturday night run, doing research, and watching Fried Green Tomatoes. Or rather, listening to, I guess. It's nice.

Lots of nice things, huh? Oh man! I met my newest little cousin last month. Immediately I fell in love with the tiniest, sweetest little girl in all of NYC. Can't wait to watch her grow up and spoil her rotten.

Uh oh. Social emergency in somewhere that isn't Boston.