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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Confined Spaces

So did you know that cats can have sibling rivalry? Well they can. My brother and I have sibling rivalry. It used to be pretty bad. We're better friends now. But we still fight for our parents' affection. And I wanted to be like my brother's best friend forever and he was like "ew nerd sister get away from me you are annoying". I think that's just how it goes. Anyway. George and Henry were fighting like cats and dogs just now but they're just cats. So they were fighting like cats with sibling rivalry.

Man am I ever happy that bath weather is back. Do you know how awesome that is? It forces me to step away from my phone and my computer and outside life for like an hour. Yeah, I have my toonz. And George and Henry (they like to keep me company, is that weird?). And I sing. Which I'm pretty sure my neighbors can hear and so they turn up their teevee or something. If they have a problem with it, I will be more than happy (no I won't) to tone it down a little bit. So now I am squeaky clean and smell like vanilla and lavender, which is supposed to lull me to sleep. Fat chance.

I would say "speaking of fat" and then go into some long diatribe to me from me about how fucking fat I am but that is stupid and annoying. Whatever. I'm happy. And healthy. And am still working out like it's my job or whatever. You don't see that on the teevee so much, do you? Someone who gains weight and becomes healthy is now happy? People have to lose weight to be happy on the television.

It rots the brain.

Speaking of food....there is a delicious crepe with my name on it waiting just for me.

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