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Monday, October 03, 2011

Whirlwind Twirlwind

So. This morning I dragged myself out of a warm, comfy bed on Bleecker and Mercer to "smart walk" (you know, the walk when you want to go fast but look silly and like you are a WOMAN ON A MISSION) up to the Union Square subway stop at 6 fucking o'clock this morning. I was smart walking, for sure. In a summer dress with tights and a million lb bag because it was stuffed full of my computer and research and cookies from Milk Bar (this is how I get shit done around here...cookies) and a beautiful new dress.

My mission was to make the 7 o'clock Bolt bus back to Boston because I'd missed the Sunday afternoon one I was supposed to make. Whoops is right. And really, I did not so much want to come home. The past couple times that I've been to New York I've felt a bit melancholy about heading home. Hell, in July a cried on the bus as we were leaving Manhattan. I was also letting one of the sweetest things anyone has ever said to me (thank you mandy) sink in and was whimpering a little with tears quietly rolling down my face as I gazed out the window in one of those really dramatic moments. I bet the rest of the bus thought that my boyfriend had just broken up with me or something.

This time I watched Leaving Las Vegas. Not the best decision I've made in my life.

So this picture was what I saw as I was normal walking down 34th Street this morning (after I knew that I would make it to 34th & 8th on time). And you know, I really could get used to this view. I love New York. That city makes me fall for it a little more every time I'm there. The energy. The food. The ballet classes. The people. I stayed at Physics John's place again. Be he was in Baltimore with his family so I had the whole place to myself. And I did what any other normal person would do with an apartment on Manhattan.

Walked around in my underpants. And ate cookies. Fucking heaven.

So I twirled around Saturday morning in the ballet studio. And had lunch with the ladies. And cuddled my baby cousin. And even went to a party in Brooklyn (isn't that supposed to be where all of the hip people are or something?). And I am fully aware that all of my happy occurrences would be different if I moved down to NYC. But this weekend also made me realize that I could afford to head down there about once/month. Wouldn't that be nice? Maybe we'll stretch it to every 8 weeks.

It also made me realize that I am going to be needing a vacation here soon. Or like a longer than 48 hour trip somewhere outside of Brookline. Winter's coming.....time to update that passport because we need to head south.

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