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Tuesday, December 06, 2011


While I'm fully aware that what I'm about to write is not popular thought among most in the area....this weather is freaking me out and I want it to be winter.

I like seasons. That's part of why I live where I live. No, February is not wonderful. But I feel it's part of the process. If I wanted 60 degree days in December I would live in Atlanta. Not Boston. I like snow. Mostly because I don't drive or have to shovel anything. I love sleeping in the cold all bundled up under my blankets.

So sue me.

Anyway, I decided to finish watching City Lights tonight and realized that I've seen this before. I have no idea when. But I have. It's kind of odd. Chaplin is a weirdo, huh? I read his autobiography years ago and really enjoyed it. But came away from it feeling like he was even more of a weirdo than I'd already suspected. Read it and find out what I mean. Or just look up the Wiki page if you're unfamiliar with Chaplin's penchant for the younger ladies.

The more you know!!



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