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Monday, December 26, 2011

Devil + 1

I just saw that I have published 666 (Satan's number!!!) posts (not including this one). First, maybe that is why last night's post was kind of evil and not so up-beat (probably not). And second, that is a ton of posts. It's like a book. I could make a book out of this blog!

A book that no one would read.

So blah blah blah. Devil this devil that. The devil made me eat a pile of chocolate this morning for breakfast. Why do people blame the devil for stuff? Or Jesus for stuff for that matter? Don't get me wrong, I am fully aware that I am not god. Sure, for a while there (now) I thought that the world revolved around me. And really, if you saw my little baby and toddler pictures you would understand why...I was fucking cute. But I had to realize that I can't blame everything on something else. Sure, I might be inspired to do something good. But I did the next right thing. Or when I do something harmful. Not the devil. That would be me, too. And sometimes there are some really great things that happen to us. And some really bad things. And generally of no one's fault.

Stuff just is. Simple as that. And it always works out in the end. No matter what.

Or at least that is what I'm going to choose to believe today. So now I'm going to finish up some more of this project that I (not evil forces) have procrastinated on for a good 2 months now.



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