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Monday, December 12, 2011

Fuck You English Toffee

God, this stuff is so good. Have you had English Toffee? It is like little bites of heaven that you can get in bulk from Trader Joe's.

Golden Girls marathon and English Toffee. Really, life doesn't get much better than this. So much better than watching those Kardashian people.

So you know that Rolling Stones song about getting what you need but not what you want blah blah blah? Well, it's kind of true. And I hate to admit that seeing as I kind of dislike that band. Or rather, never saw the draw. Anyway, lately I have not been getting my way. And I've been a little cunty about it. This morning especially. I was feeling pretty pretty pretty cunty. But then I got my shit a little more together and poof I felt so much better.

In other news...did you know that Christmas is in like a week and a half?! Yowzahs. Where did the time go?

Wishing for things that weren't what was best for me. That's where.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree about the stones, it just seemed liked whenever I hear them that I must be missing out on this secret plethora of great material that I keep hearing about but never seem to find.

2:19 AM

Blogger emertron said...

Nope. They have a handful of decent. And like 2 really good songs. But the rest is such shit that the good ones are the exception, not the rule. Unlike countless other bands with piles of awesome shit who are never even acknowledged. (sigh)

The Stones are crowd pleasers. People love them. We can't change their shitty taste.

1:06 PM


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