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Sunday, December 11, 2011

No Work Weekends

None. No work got done this weekend. And it felt really good.

The cats are snuggled up under the teeny tree and my heart explodes a little bit every time I look over at it.

My brain explodes a little bit when I watching these terrible Kardashian people. Have you seen them? They're a goddamn train wreck. But I can't stop watching. This is like crack tv. TV crack. And who is this Khloe one? She knows at least a little about what she's talking about. Even though she is wearing a hippy headband of rhinestones or something. Whatever. There are other things I can obsess about right now.

Like how I gotta admit, too, that for the first time in a long time I am not really motivated to go to work tomorrow. Usually I am pretty ready to go back to work on Monday. Nope. I want to lay around for like 48 more hours.

LISTEN TO MY BULLSHIT!!! I'm like these Kardashian people! Complaining about nothing. These are a bad signs.


If I start sleeping with fake eyelashes on somebody better intervene. Please.



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