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Thursday, December 01, 2011

On Failing

Well, clearly this is doomed to fail due to poor planning on my part. Unless I write something and post it within 12 minutes it will already be December 2. So maybe I'll just write without editing.

Bad Idea Jeans.

So I got home late tonight because Taylor & I were laughing too much. Is that really a problem? I didn't think so. Especially after the day I've had.

Earlier today I had meetings with not one but three whole people in the Epi department because (suspenseful pause) I was FAILING a class. And not like "oh god I think I might fail". Like honestly failing. Which sucks because I am really enjoying this class but just not getting it. Have you taken Epidemiologic Modeling? It's hard stuff. Or maybe not and I'm just becoming stupid. Who knows.

Here's the thing, though. I was all set to fail. Embracing it even. Like then I got to be like "I FAILED A CLASS AND I DID NOT TOTALLY FREAK OUT!!!". But then the professor and I had a nice talk today about options.

Long story short, I dropped the class. But still get to go to lecture! Why, you ask, would I ever want to do that? Because I really really really thought that the class helped me to understand the concepts I've (kind of?) learned the past couple years.

So it's a happy ending about a situation that could have been so bad (my GPA could have tanked, I could have spent the next 20 days stressed out to the max because I was going to inevitably fail).

And it made tonight just that much better and more relaxed and comfortable to spend with one of the best gals in all the world.

Ugh...this is not funny or original or anything. I'm tired. It's 12:10. I've failed my first day of Blog Month.

Thank goodness I get to try again in less than 24 hours.

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