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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Repeating Mistakes

Mistake #1: Eating a whole Trader Joe's Bean Dip for dinner. Oof. Let the Farty Party begin!!

Mistake #2: Emailing the dude I met a couple months ago in NYC to see how he's doing. Why is this a mistake? Because I want a response somewhere along the lines of "thank you for emailing i love you let's practice making babies". And I'm thinking that there will be no response. So the date on Monday night was okay but there was clearly nothing between the dude and me. No butterflies. No spark. No nervousness. But there was with the dude from NYC I met one night at a party. But I regularly must remind myself that dudes will act if they want to. If they're not calling it's because they don't want to....they can find your number. If you have mutual friends they can definitely find your number. If your number is on your Facebook profile and you're friends on that life-ruining website, then they have NO EXCUSE not to find your number.

Speaking of people getting numbers from Facebook, The Waiter has yet again poof disappeared. Which leads me to...

Mistake #3: Getting my hopes up AT ALL (even the teensiest little bit) when The Waiter (I was using real names but am back to the nicknames when they douche out) asked me to go rock climbing because guess what...he's a flake. He was 2 years ago and he still is. Should I be worried that maybe he would read this and then never call me? NO. Why? Because he stopped thinking about me the last time he contacted me. Also he does not know or give a shit about my stupid blog. (if he did he would clearly be like "god this girl is an hilarious genius!!!"...ha ha ha ha ha.)

And that is just fine. But it still hurts my (oversized) ego a bit. Give it a week and I'll be fine. It'll also be better after some of this delicious Cinnamon ice cream in my freezer.

Just in time for me to feel better for a while and plunge right back into my regularly made mistakes in about 4-6 weeks time.

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