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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Still Saying Stupid Things

I honestly don't think that there will ever come a day wherein I don't say stupid shit all the time. Usually it's when I'm nervous. And almost always involves a dude I'm attracted to.

And it tends to work against me.

Yesterday's post was not full of stupid things. (tonight's probably will be) But one thing that I didn't really write as I should have. That whole thing about the dude from NYC. Let's call him The Comic. I don't really want The Comic to email me telling me that he's in love with me because you know what...he doesn't know me. And nor I him. Other than talking at a party. And that would be what restraining orders are made of. Back in the day I thought that is how love worked. You find someone and you fall in love and wham bam thank you maam...happily ever after.

Please note that this is coming from someone with a very poor track record in the love department.

But like anything else, something worth doing is worth doing well. And doing things well is hard work. Did you know this? Before about a year and a half ago I did not know this. Just kind of skated along and performed at a just-above-average rate.

Seeeecret: I'm a lazy underachiever.

So back to the point...stupid shit I say all the time. That's probably never changing. What I can hope for is that people have patience with me when I'm sticking my foot in my mouth.



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