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Friday, December 16, 2011

Tree Trimmings

And tonight we decorated Taylor & Jake's tree. Snacks and cookies and love and hugs. Ornaments and lights.

Oh, and I finished all of my Christmas shopping. Which is always superfun.

(yawn!) Time for bed.

HOLY SHIT TROGAN VIBRATING TWISTER?!?!? What just came on to the television? Get one as a gift for the holidays? Oh god please let this Christmas bring a story of someone receiving one of these for Christmas. That would just make my year.

(so would a good date...but that's an unfair request)


OpenID pliggot said...

In one of those commercials the wife tells the husband she got one and he enthusiastically replied "SWEET!"

I love how stoked he was...

2:14 AM

Blogger emertron said...

YESSSS!!!! That's the commercial. With the hair blown back. Completely ridiculous.

And whoops typo...TROJAN. It was late. I'd eaten like 25 cookies.

1:02 PM


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