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Monday, January 02, 2012

Dropping Balls

Whoops! Forgot to write on the last day of the month. I was busy watching Too Cute Kittens with Doba, eating Indian food, and playing cribbage. Great way to end the year.

And yesterday afforded the opportunity to get in back to back yoga classes. Great way to get the year started!

But now it's all getting back to normal. And thank god. The holidays are nice...and over. This past month has reinforced how much I really like my life. The everyday life part of it. I like my routine. Sure, I really like that Elf was on television all the time. And the glow of Christmas lights is pretty much my favorite thing ever. But I will not miss the train stinking of party. Or the couples-themed everything. You know, normal.

Anyway, tonight begins my running kick start month. Along with like everyone else in the world. This week starts with 5 miles. Either all in one day or 5 days of 1 mile. Whatever.

First I need to get off the couch and stop eating peanut brittle.



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