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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The One with the Library Book

Running's going well. Really well, in fact. Who knew that quitting smoking would make exercise so much easier?!

(everyone but me)

It'd probably be more effective in the weight loss department if I didn't come home and eat cheese and ice cream. But it makes me so happy. So very happy. Books, too. Books and ice cream. Which is exactly what I did after the show on Saturday night.

Saturday night I was in Brooklyn, feeling terminally uncool, at a show for Janelle's band, Desert Stars. The venue (Glasslands) was pretty neat with tissue paper designs (I like to think that they were flowers) on the ceiling and lights behind them that change colors. And the DS set was great. But then we had a break between bands and the crowd changed and the whole place started to stink like a hangover.

Luke warm High Life and stale cigarettes is usually my cue to go. But I stuck around because it's so rare that I am out and about and only in New York like every three months or so.

Mistake #1: Not dragging any of my close friends with me to the show. While I'm pals with the ladies in the band, they all have boyfriends so after the show they canoodled or whatever the kids are doing these days. Not that I mind it, but I had NO ONE to make snide remarks to about how all of the girls there needed to learn two important lessons: leggings are not pants and combs are your friends.

Mistake #2: Staying around for the 2nd act. Anyway, the band after Desert Stars was some group of douche bags who played Frat Rock. Yeah, the lead "singer" kept asking if the crowd was getting loose and whether we were drinking whiskey. Then he slurred "this next song is about two people and not to be a debbie downer but one of them is no longer with us but the other one is in the audience!". They were all wearing collared shirts and man-uggs or something close to it. THEN the female bass player sang her song and the lyrics are as follows: it's so hard it's so hard it's so hard. At this point I almost lost it but then realized that everyone around me was ENJOYING this offense to my ears. And the worst part was that #1 came back into play....I had NO ONE to laugh with during this exhibit of talentless drivel.

So that's when I was like "yeah, I gotta fucking go" and said bye to the remaining couple and got out of there. Upon returning to Lisa & Janelle's apartment, out came the jammies and ice cream and book and that warm feeling of complete comfort. I finished The Last Child (a good brainless read) and started Me Talk Pretty One Day.

Which puts me back to about a book a week. And may actually see me finishing every book in my apartment that I have not yet read within the first few months of the year (save the reference books).

Sometimes the amount of what I can accomplish nowadays shocks me.



OpenID pliggot said...

I checked out your friend's band, good stuff!

7:57 PM

Blogger emertron said...

Glad you like them! They're good stuff. And really fun live.

I checked out The Duke & The Dutchess....THAAAAANK YOOOOOUUUU!!!

9:29 PM

OpenID pliggot said...

Anytime! :)

8:20 PM


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