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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fasten Your Seatbelts

So. I got the internship that I interviewed for (kind of serendipitous...and by kind of I mean REALLY) a couple weeks ago. It starts in a couple weeks. I'll be working in the clinic screening patients from 8 a.m.-noon. Then I'll go to the job that provides me with the money and protocol and administratively running a study experience from noon to (question mark). Monday through Friday. The dog days of summer. And I can't fucking wait. While I acknowledge that I'm pretty much giving up my summer by signing on for this, it's temporary and there'll be all of August to relax a little and get the data ready (which I will probably not be doing) to analyze (which I will hopefully get a chance to do) around September. Once I finally started talking about wanting to focus on addiction research (in what capacity, I'm not quite sure...screening, intervention, HIV-related, etc), it was like doors were flung open and opportunities have magically appeared. Pretty amazing what happens when you ask for help. Anyway, between now & then I have a project to finish for DPH, a final in Infectious Disease (what's up Malaria?!), and an prevention intervention project to complete. These are NOT complaints. It's really exciting for school to take off and to feel really involved in that world. AND...on the work side of things, we've sent out the protocols to all of the sites in the study so that recruitment will hopefully start at some point in July. It is not, however, helping my own personal cause to get laid. (sigh)

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