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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Thank you Stephen. This fucking rules. So do you.

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Sunday, May 06, 2012

And then there came goals

One project left to finish up. This semester has felt particularly school-like. God, that was such an odd thought and then sentence. Anyway, my brain is kind of dead. But that's no excuse to let the momentum slow. It's a sure sign of becoming more responsible (old) when you are CONCERNED ABOUT YOUR SAVINGS ACCOUNT. Yeah, so in an attempt to raise awareness (drive myself crazy) I'm writing down everything that I buy this month. Turns out I spend a fucking lot of money on food. (surprise?) And that probably isn't really going to change. But at least I now KNOW and can like eat produce and taquitos one day so that I can spend more the next. spring-into-summer goal this year is to write and mail one letter per week. Birthday cards included. How fun is that? How many postcards do you think I'll be sending when I get lazy? (a lot probably) So really, Mandy, you should expect a lot of bullshit blah blah blah words about feeeeeeelings and how aaammmmaaaaazzziiing life is or whatever. Ugh. I gotta go to bed. But before I do...really Khloe had NO IDEA that you were not like the others? And your mom just HAPPENED to let you read her diary? These people are too much. I can't handle them.