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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I'm Back Baby!

Or maybe not. We'll see. A couple months ago in the downtown area of a really big city a friend was like "we should blog again?" and I was like "yeah maybe?". Then we bought some brass rings. Mine has a heart on it and a number seven in the heart. I wear it on my left hand, middle finger. Hers has little dachshunds. She wears it on her ring finger when she doesn't want to wear her wedding band. Some time went by. And then an old blog friend came out of the blog woodwork. Blogwork? He was like "oh hi do you still exist and do you exist in the same place you existed last time we spoke?" Yep! We sat and talked in real life about our stuff on the internet. Usually it works the opposite way. But in this case it didn't. The internet brought us closer to real life communication. Imagine that! So that leads us all to now. Right now. In a minute I'll leave a warm building and walk to a gooey-style dance class in the cold. And from there...



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