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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Brown Boxes

Now I really really really have almost all of the packing done. Just sweeping up little things here and there. Putting smaller boxes into a big box and writing B (for bathroom) on the side sorts of final activities. The move still doesn't quite feel completely real. Like I KNOW that I will be living on Manhattan in a week but for today I am still in Brookline with all of my usual things. 

But soon I will have all new sounds in my apartment. And some new smells in the hallway. New fancy restaurants where I go for oysters. All of that feels like a fun new adventure. 

Tonight John and I went on a motorcycle ride after our fancy dinner. It was the last ride on his beautiful, old bike I will have for a while. There won't be my John with his sailboat and old motorcycle and smile and laugh and kind eyes on Manhattan. Sure, I get to visit him in my mind and I take a piece of him wherever I go in unlimited quantities. But I am a supremely selfish person and want to see my people whenever I want. We'll have to say "hey are you busy this weekend? okay how about we plan to have a lunch on that day blah blah blah" rather than a quick "LET'S GO SAILING NOW" text message.

Needless to say, these last few years in Boston I have been spoiled by the amount of love I feel and experience on a daily basis. But it is time to move on and go to graduate school again and become a research clinician and do all of that. Fortunately, Boston isn't completely done with me, as I am not done with it. Between the friends and work that are still here, (did I mention that I am keeping my job and working from NYC?) guess I'll be back pretty regularly. It won't be the same. But nothing that is sustainable stays static. 


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