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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

(extra)Ordinary People

For as long as I can remember I have met certain people and it was like boom you are going to know one another on some level as long as you exist and then we do. These experiences and the people who come along with them are my most treasured gifts. Some friends are older and some are newer. All are unique and brilliant people; my eyes widen and whole being lightens around them.

About a month or so ago I met Zach at a party, and we immediately gravitated toward one another. And through him I met Payton. The apprehension of transitioning into an enormous city, honestly somewhat scared of "getting lost", melted when I met these two guys. It's like we've known one another our whole lives. We go to the movies and laugh and spend time walking around, running over NYC bridges, and just generally enjoying each another's company. We send one another messages at the same time, as if by some shared internal alarm. It is so comforting feeling a part of.

Switching gears.

Tonight during my swim the sky looked simply brilliant. Strong, linear sun rays peeking out of marshmallow clouds, smaller cotton candy clouds seemingly standing still in a blue sky. How the light reflected of the little ripples in the pool. Getting all wrapped up in life stuff and the narrative that writes itself in my mind, is essentially just being human. Witnessing such raw beauty in specific, calm moments, though, reminds me that there is so much depth in our existence.


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