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Friday, November 27, 2015

Everything Midnight

I just ate a really good turkey meatball while listening to an Eating & Feeding Disorders lecture. Last night I took myself out on a date to Lafayette for their Thanksgiving prix fixe, spending three hours grazing, reading Man's Search for Meaning. I feel a whole lot of contradiction in my life right now.

But not.

Instead of napping and taking it easy, I'm trying to get a bunch of work done before heading out for the night. Because this morning I had nothing to do tonight (no complaints) and now have plans. Glorious, wholesome plans.

Payton and I are going to a midnight screening of Casablanca at The Sunshine. Life is just so good. The cats and I are very happy on Manhattan. For a couple months it was a little lonely but that quickly lifted after school started. I love my classes this semester and have made a home for myself in a lab.

In about a month I begin yoga teacher training (eye roll) and have started to very slowly train for next year's NYC marathon in November (double eye roll).

Some days I miss Brookline a lot. Miss seeing people I know on the street. But that happens here, too. Not as frequently, but it happens. But most things are the same here as they were there, except here I can get a lot more delicious food at later hours. This makes me very happy.

Physics John got married last weekend and it was just beautiful. Being with old friends, laughing, dancing, smiling, sharing our adventures over the past years. And bringing a new friend into our group.

It's good to be here.


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