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Thursday, March 17, 2016

That Last Push

Winter is awful. March is terrible. These are facts. A couple weeks ago I was cranky and annoyed and just run down. To be fair, the addition of yoga training on the weekends shrinks my free time down to almost nothing. But it is almost over. A couple more weekends and a couple more assignments to clean up and I am done.

For now.

To escape what I can only describe as blah I am headed back down to Puerto Rico for about a week to write papers on a beach and ride a horse. Earlier today I picked up The Night of the Gun and Wittgenstein's Mistress. A few months ago I said I would not buy any new books until I finished the ones I already have. I am a fucking liar.

These lies are so good, though. Because I have tricked myself into forgetting. (this is a thing, you know, I learned about it in cog psych like 2 weeks ago, you can teach someone how to forget something on purpose...I have taught myself how to forget to not buy more books on purpose)

So off I go to some place in the jungle all by myself to do who knows what but read and get tan. Earlier tonight I was talking with a friend and said "well maybe I will get lonely or bored". He laughed.