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Saturday, May 07, 2016

becoming established

You know that scene in The Jerk when he gets his name in the phone book and runs around all excited about it? I've actually started getting invited to things, like birthday parties, in NYC. And not from people who I knew before moving here. I feel like The Jerk with his phone book.

It's been a bit of a struggle being away from close friends, like physically. And something I complain about somewhat frequently. It's been a loneliness I hadn't felt in a long time, living down here the first couple/few months. Fun and carefree and all of that. But lonely. Little by little it's gotten better. Or less obvious feeling I was somewhat isolated. School and the garden and dance have kind of stacked a few here and there. Some have stuck, some just kind of slid off.

This feels nice. NYC is becoming home little by little. Next week starts finals, and then three months off of school. Just work and research. And Infinite Jest (take 2).